Steamed Artichokes
This is how they're prepared in the Tyler house:
Wash artichoke and remove stem and bottom row of leaves leaving a flat bottom. With kitchen scissors trim the thorny ends from leaves. Put in steamer and steam until the bottom is tender, (about 45 min).

Meanwhile, prepare the lemon butter sauce. (You can experiment here.) In small sauce pan, melt 4 Tbsp (about 1/8 lb.) of butter. Add 1 Tbsp lemon juice and equal amount of water. Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a dash of Cholula sauce (Mexican hot sauce). (You may substitute Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper.) Add 1 clove fresh garlic mashed or tsp of garlic powder and lemon pepper to taste. Stir over low heat. Remove from heat when butter is melted and the seasonings blended.

Serve immediately. This is finger food. Pull each leaf as it is to be eaten. Dip the meaty end of the leaf that was attached to the bud into the butter sauce. Close your teeth over the leaf and pull to scrape the meaty flesh and sauce into your mouth. When you get down to the center, white thorny leaves, pull them out, then use a soup spoon to scrape the needles away from the base of the choke. Then cut the choke into bite-size pieces and dip in the lemon-butter sauce, and enjoy.