Nice, France

Welcome To The Côte D' Azur

Day 14: Sunday, April 24, 2005
Walking tour in the old town

These are streets in old town Nice.

Imagine walking with a group down these narrow alleyways and meeting vehicles trying to share the space. We did, and they did!

We soon arrived in a square complete with fountain.

There was some kind of sale going on. They were selling food, clothing, nick nacks
— all sorts of things. I suppose these squares have always been gathering places. This is were the women came to get the water for drinking and cooking. It's no wonder that the people didn't bathe very much in the old days. And the odors that resulted from the lack of bathing inspired the French to invent perfume. So now you know.
Fish Vendor's Stand


They have indoor plumbing these days, so the old life-giving water fountain is not so well respected as it once was.

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