Nice, France

Farmers' Market

Welcome To The Côte D' Azur

Day 14: Sunday, April 24, 2005

French Bread with a Little Garnish

Olives and Artichokes

Can you imagine that many kinds of olives?
Here they are offering artichokes from Italy by the bunch, which appears to include 4 or 5 stems for 1 Euro, or about $1.30. In US markets we usually pay about $3 each and they're usually not so fresh. Of course, here, people don't know what they are, much less how to prepare them. They're wonderful steamed and served with lemon-butter sauce.
Here are more detailed instructions.

Garlic Plaits and Tomatoes

These tomatoes are from Sicily and they are called Coeur de Boeuf
Unfortunately, they felt the need to add a note to the English-speaking tourists,

These were some of the more unusual things in the market. All of the produce was so fresh, and so unblemished by machinery used for harvest. It just looks like this produce is hand-picked and shipped to the market immediately. It doesn't look like it has been stored in warehouses along the way.

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