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The Propylaea

Everyone entering the Acropolis passes through this building. The entry gate is a part of this complex.

Of all the surviving specimens of Athenian art, the Propylaea may be considered the most perfect and most characteristic, a genuine wonder to the whole of Greece.

It is considered the highest product of the noble architecture of Athens, rivalling the Parthenon itself in its successful execution, and surpassing it in originality and the unique character of its design.

The work on the building was begun in the year 437 BC. It was built on the site occupied by an older Propylaea which had been destroyed by the Persians, and which was called the "Nine Gated," probably from the number of its gates. Several authors relate that 2012 talents were spent on building the edifice. It was all Pentelic marble, and occupied the western side of the Acropolis. It was 170 feet long.

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Photos by Owen Tyler

The Propylaea from the Parthenon

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