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This is Panathinaiko Stadium, widely known as "Kallimarmaro", built for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Even in ancient years, the area where the Panathinaiko (or Panathenian) Stadium stands today was largely used to host the Panathenean Games, festival events that were held to honor the Greek goddess Athena (the Goddess of wisdom, skills, and warfare, and protector of the city of Athens in ancient Greece).

Historians considered it to be "a miracle beyond description that the marbel structure had almost exhausted the marble quarries of mountain Penteli" (Pausanias). It is situated in the heart of the Greek capital, Athens and was first reconstructed in 1895 for the purpose of becoming the main stadium to host the 1896 Olympic Games. The stadium has a capacity of 34,500 spectators.

We'll be watching for this one in 2004 when Athens hosts the Olympic Games.

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