Capri Town

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
on a trip to Capri.

Isle of Capri 09
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

The square of the Funicular

The "heart" of Capri is the Piazza Umberto I a small, compact, closed-off square that resembles a courtyard.

This is one of the few remains of the most ancient fortifications in the town of Capri. Dated by various scholars to 1000 BC, or to the 5th and 6th centuries BC respectively.

Isle of Capri 08
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Before the Romans controlled Capri, it was a Greek colony. Buildings on this square suggest that part of the island history.

Little is actually known about these pre-Roman fortifications, which today are connected to the belltower and to the town's ancient gate.

It has been said that Capri is an island which some people love and some people hate. The haters are frequently the daytrippers that find an expensive commercialised destination crammed to bursting with other daytrippers. Instead, the Meyers chose the road less traveled in their exploration of the island.

Isle of Capri 10
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

From Marina Grande, we had taken a funiculare (tram) up to Capri Town.

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