Via Tiberia
The Isle of Capri

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
on a trip to Capri.

Isle of Capri 12
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Isle of Capri 11
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

When one lives on a hill, there are stairs.

Behind the town square we treaded our way through narrow side streets.
We took the ancient Via Tiberia which leads from Capri Town
to the ruins of the Villa Jovis which was built by the Roman Emperor.
The only traffic up here were little 3-wheel carts.Tiberius.

Isle of Capri 13
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Via Tiberia is steep, and we climbed innumerable steps, past countless unique gates, arches, and walkways to the villas. We were off the beaten track and encountered not a single other tourist.

Isle of Capri 14
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Camcorder in hand, Ernst Meyer pauses for Gertrude's camera at the gate of a hillside villa.

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