The Road To Anacapri
Isle of Capri

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
on a trip to Capri.

Isle of Capri 24
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

A Very Short Bus

Not wanting to miss anything, we lined up at the bus stop to wait for the bus to Anacapri. Notice how short the bus is. This should have tipped us off
that we were going to be in for an unusual ride.

Isle of Capri 25 - road On Scaffold
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

A Road On A Scaffold

The road to Anacapri turned out to be a very narrow road cut
into the rock-face seen on the next photograph.

Isle of Capri07
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

The brown line near the upper left corner marks the road held in place by tons of scaffolding.

Isle of Capri 26 - crowd Argueing
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Suddenly the traffic ground to a complete halt!
The line of traffic behind us grew longer and longer. The driver shut off the engine and got out of the bus. Other drivers of the vehicles behind us also got out of their cars, busses, and trucks. They congregated on the hot road next to our bus window.
They argued. They shouted. They waved their arms in the air!

Isle of Capri 27-truck-blockroad
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


It seems that the road looked too narrow to allow our bus traveling uphill and the truck traveling downhill to pass on the narrow road. Each driver was maintaining that he had the right-of-way. Neither was prepared to back up. They yelled some more and each noted the other's license number. And just when we were sure that we'd have to get out and walk,
they both got into their vehicles, and smoothly continued their trips!

Ah! That's Italia!

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