Isle of Capri

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
on a trip to Capri.

Isle of Capri 20-coast
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Looking Down On Capri Town and the Coast

Isle of Capri28-museum
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Isle of Capri 29-white Bldg
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

San Michele, the Swedish Cultural Institute

San Michele-Anacapri-pergola
A Pergola at San Michele

After five long summers of unceasing work, from dawn to dusk, San Michele was more or less finished, though there was still much to be done in the garden. A new terrace had to be laid behind the house, and another loggia had to be built above the two small Roman rooms that we had discovered in the autumn. The house was small, the rooms were few, but there were loggias, terraces and pergolas all around, from which one could watch the sun, the sea and the clouds: the soul requires more space than the body.

Axel Munthe, founder, 1929

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