This is Lucca

Day 15: Monday, April 25, 2005

Meet our guides.

Alexandra, our Lucca guide

9:02 AM ~ Alexandra, wearing a black jacket and holding a white umbrella (left center) has us gathered around to begin receiving information about the history of Lucca. She has always lived here, and makes her home in the old town. So, she has lots tell us about this old city.

This is Angelika

our guide for the day. She was a fountain of regional information.

Lucca became a free Comune in 1162, and in the following centuries it knew a new period of riches and splendour because of its banking and manufacturing activities, and its trade with the rest of Europe and the East. A lot of beautiful and luxury buildings and towers are still there today as a sign of the prosperity the town enjoyed in that period.


Aerial Photo of Lucca

After the Congress of Vienna in 1814, Lucca began to be ruled by Parma. In this period the architect Lorenzo Nottolini planned the squares and the quarters of the town and created the picturesque promenade along the town walls.

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