This is Lucca

Day 15: Monday, April 25, 2005

Typical Tuscany, I'd Say.

And here are some buildings painted in those famous Tuscan colors.
I have to wonder, are they painted this way because it's expected?
Or are our expectations shaped because they are painted this way?

Do you recognize this?

I though the lantern next to the street sign
attractive enough to use in the Tuscany Logo for these pages.
and the wall attractive enough to use a patch for the background.

Preparing for St. Zita's Day, April 27th.

Before we get too far from the church, we need to read the sign posted near the door.
Here's the translation: Guided visits are not admitted. During the functions no visit.
We passed a small square with a lovely garden near the center. Shutters on these windows are fully functional to keep out the rain or the sun and still allow fresh air into the room.

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