The Road To Mt. Etna
On the island of Sicily

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
Sunday, May 1, 2005

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Busses Stand On The Pier

These busses are undoubtedly waiting to take their loads to see Mount Etna,
the active volcano a few down the coast of Sicily.

A Classy Carriage

The carriage waits to take a couple of passengers sightseeing in the town that was the most important port of departure for European knights on their way to the Crusades. Such a Crusade prompted the visit of Richard the Lionheart and King Philip II of France in 1190. Generally ignored by historians is the fact that the two monarchs and their crusader knights sacked Messina on that occasion. Messina remained the second most important city of Sicily until the seventeenth century, when its position was challenged by Catania. There were fleeting periods when Messina's economic and political power rivaled that of Palermo.


A Carriage Waits -050105-658a
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Mount Etna

It's 8:18 AM, and the Meyers were well on their way toward the the active volcano that was their destination for the morning's sightseeing.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Wild Flowers Along The Route

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