Messina Town

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
Sunday, May 1, 2005

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Cathedral and Campanile

The Meyers were in Piazza del Duomo in time to take this picture at 12:26 PM.
But were they there at noon in time for the performance of a 15-minute cycle of evangelical scenes on one of the world's largest astronomical clocks housed in the campanile?

Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Photo by Gertrude Meyer

This cathedral, where Richard the Lionheart worshipped in 1190 en route to a Crusade, was erected during the twelfth century Norman dominion and its style resembles that of both the Basilica of Saint Nicholas and the cathedral at Bari. Most of the present cathedral is actually a reconstruction, the original building having been almost entirely destroyed by earthquakes; a few segments of the original walls remain.

Fountain Ajoining BellTower -050105-1229p
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Fountain in Piazza del Duomo

Messina Port
Messina Port

The Meyers boarded ms Rotterdam and continued on their way north to the port of Civitavecchia for a day touring Rome. See their pictures are on this site. The Tylers did not have a port-of-call at Messina on their cruise, but passed through the Strait of Messina at midday
on April 27th 2005. Some of those pictures follow.

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