Street Scenes
Naples, Italy

Photos by Gertrude Meyer
on a trip to Naples.

NationalLibrary-Naples Italy14
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

National Library

Immacolata-Naples Italy03
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Statue-Naples Italy04
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Traffic Circle Statue
Right:Ernst Meyer, surrounded by busy traffic, poses for the camera.
Left: The square's charming ornamental column, dates from 1750. Its construction was made possible thanks to a collection of funds from the people, organised by the Jesuit father Francesco Pepe. At the top stands a statue in gilded copper of the Immacolata (Blessed Virgin), dating from 1753. Every year on 8th December, the feast of the "Immacolata", firemen place a wreath of flowers at the statue's feet, at the top of the column.

Naples Italy02
Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Our next port-of-call will be the Isle of Capri, just across the Bay Of Naples.

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