Day 16: Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Pictures were taken from the tour bus.

Photo by Pat Tyler

A City Street

Notice that when they widened the street, they left the trees. This left space for a couple of cars to park between them. Goodness knows how the trees get sustenance.

Photo by Pat Tyler

The Aurelian Wall

Emperor Aurelian built a protective wall around the city beginning in 270 AD. It was built as a defence against the marauding Germanic tribes. The wall extended 11 miles around the city of that time with 18 gates and 381 towers. The wall enclosed all seven hills of Rome.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Cestial Pyramid

The Cestia Pyramid in Rome is a funerary monument dedicated to the member of the College of the Septemviri, Caio Cestio Epulone, who probably died in 12 BC. The work, demonstrates the fascination with Egypt in the aristocratic classes of Rome after the conquest in 30 BC. The structure is made of concrete covered by marble slabs. The Cestia Pyramid is approximately 37 meters high, on a square base with the sides each equal to 30 meters. A plaque on the east side states that the work was completed in less than 330 days. The complex was built in an isolated position along the via Ostiense. Nowadays it is close to the Door of San Paolo along the path of the Aurelius walls.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Porta San Paolo

One of the fortified gates in the Aurelian Wall and it is no longer used for entry to the city.

Photo by Pat Tyler

A New Gate In The Wall

This hole in the wall is more practical for modern traffic.

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