These pictures were taken by Gertrude Meyer May 2, 2005.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

The Tiber River and Elegant Bridge

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Castel Sant' Angelo

The massive fortress takes its name from the statue of the Archangel Michael on its summit.
It began as the Emperor Hadrian's mausoleum. It has had several roles since then. Emperor Aurelian incorporated it as part of his defensive wall around the city. It has been used as a citadel and a prison. It has been the residence of popes in times of political unrest.
Now it serves as a museum covering its own history.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Ernst Meyer pauses for the camera.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Inscribed Stone

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Ancient Altar

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