Pictures were taken on May 2, 2005 by Gertrude Meyer.

Santa Maria in Trastevere (Rome)
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Façade of Santa Maria in Trastevere

The proud and independent inhabitants of Trastevere, the area across the Tiber, consider themselves the most authentic Romans. This church is probably the first official Christian place of worship to be built in Rome. This basilica became the focus of devotion to the Virgin Mary. According to legend, the church was founded by Pople Callixtus I in the 3rd century, when Christianity was still a minority cult.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Façade Mosaics

The 12th century mosaic shows Mary feeding the baby Jesus and ten women holding lamps. Eight of the lamps are lit, symbolizing virginity. The veiled women whose lamps have gone out are probably widows.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

The Nave of Santa Maria

The term Nave is used to indicate that portion of a church reserved for worshippers, and including the central and side aisles, crossing transepts.

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