Day 16: Monday, April 26, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler.

Photo by Pat Tyler

This picture shows the stabelizing concrete added to the broken outer wall.
The specters of missing columns and arches are visible on the remaining inner wall. The supports for some of the masts that supported the velarium, the huge awning that protected the crowds from the weather are visible near the upper right corner of the picture.
The external wall consisted of three stories of arches — 80 per story — topped by the attic in masonry decorated with pilasters. The archways had Doric semi-columns on the first floor, Ionic on the second floor, and Corinthian on the third.

This gives suggestion of how the velarium worked.

Can you visualize the slaves put to the wheels to crank this huge awning into place?
Historians tell us that it was brightly colored.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Woman Crosses Roman Street

Photo by Pat Tyler

Ugo Gathers The Flock
The picture of the woman crossing the street was taken from the bus at 9:37 AM.
Ugo, our guide waits for everyone to catch up before crossing the busy street at 9:47 AM. It takes time to move 30 something people walking enmass. This is the first time we've had our feet on the ground since boarding the bus at the dock before 7:30 AM.

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