Day 16: Monday, April 26, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Flora of the Colosseum

By the 19th century, the Colosseum was heavily overgrown. Different micro-climates in various parts of the ruin had created an impressive variety of herbs, grasses, and wild flowers. Several botanists were inspired to study and catalog them, and two books were published, one listing 420 species. They believe seeds were brought into the facility in the fur, hooves, and stomachs
of the animals slaughtered there.

Photo by Pat Tyler

A tour group moves before ghosts of the Roman elite in their marble seats. What signal did this group earn? Thumbs up I hope.
  This is one of the tunnels used for passage of animals and gladiators. What looks like tracks appear to be water channels.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Photo by Pat Tyler

Tiers of Seats and Stairs

This picture shows how the used the space under the seating sections for stairs to the next tier.

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