Fattoria Villa Maionchi

Day 15: Monday, April 25, 2005
The name sounds like May-on-ki.

Hills across from Villa Maionchi

We have arrived at the farm where we are scheduled to eat lunch. We are about a 35 minute drive from the walls of Lucca. I estimate that we are probably north of the city. I'm sorry, but I cannot tell you for sure which direction we went out of Lucca.

This picture was taken at 12:41 PM, and the group is ready for the scheduled luncheon.

Old Farmhouse Walls Right On The Road

I snapped this picture just as we were going in the farm gate.
The building across the road may or may not belong to the same property.
Cars parked across the road probably belong to employees who would
have used the gate just behind them for access.

A Farm Lane

This lane leads from the gate across the road behind the parked cars in the picture above.

The gate is around this corner.

The Other Side
This is the other side of the farmhouse that sits on the road, pictured above. The feeling was that the farm is no longer a family farm, but used to give tourists a look at a traditional farm. A search of Google tells us that you can rent an apartment here.

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