On The Water Taxi

Day 19: Friday, April 29, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler

Where to next, Martha?

Tourists consult their Venice Card Map while waiting for the water taxi.
The closed glass door reflects the row of samples on the dock and the lagoon beyond.

Tourists And Vacationers On The Taxi

We dropped some of them at Lido Island, known as the golden island of Venice. It is a barrier 7 miles long separating the Adriatic see from the lagoon. Its upscale hotels, and sandy beaches have been a favored destination since early in the 1800s. Upscale resorts world wide, and decks of many cruise ships have been named for this island.


San Marco - 042905-100p
Doge's Palace and the San Marco Bell Tower

After stopping at Lido Island we passed by this very famous landmark, the Palazzo Ducale and the Campanile di San Marco. This complex marks the opening of the Grand Canal.

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