Palazzo Bembo

Day 20: Saturday, April 30, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler

Palazzo Bembo Name Plaque
Two Entries to the Building

These pictures are most interesting to people who might want to stay at Palazzo Bembo Hotel.
On the left is a picture of the name plaques and buzzer buttons beside the door on the Grand Canal side of the building. Right: This is the doorway on Calle Bembo, the street beside the building. Gaining entry to the building is very confusing for the first-time visitor. The hotel occupies half of the third floor, a bank the other half.


No doubt, due to the seasonal flooding of the city, the ground floor of this building is totally unused, and it is not counted when naming the floors. Left: Marble stairs lead up from what seems to be a former ground-floor lobby. Right: The small door at the top of this flight of stairs is the elevator door. After entering the building, one must use the stairway on the left then the stairway on the right to gain access to the elevator! This is one of only a few 3-star hotels in the city that have any sort of elevator, so we were thankful for it, even though we had to climb some stairs.

Doorway to Rio D. San Salvador

Probably, no longer used, this doorway is well above the water level. Perhaps boats much taller than those now in use were used by the Bembo family. This was probably a door for bringing supplies into the building.

Palazzo Bembo

Palazzo Bembo is the salmon-pink building just left of the center of this picture.
Our six-room hotel occupies the left half of the third floor (next to the top floor).
As you can see on the pilings near the right side of the picture, they eventually rot out at the waterline. The machinery on the D. Manin barge is in the process of replacing those pilings in front of the building next door to Palazzo Bembo. We noticed that Venice was constantly repairing itself in one way or another.

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