Plazzo Bembo

Day 20: Saturday, April 30, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler

Entry Doors and Hotel Manager

The song goes ... knock three times ... that works.
Paolo, standing next to a c. 1635 portrait of Doge Giovanni Bembo, is one of several who take turns on duty at the hotel. He serves hotel clerk and concierge. This historic palace was built late in the fourteenth century. Learn more about the Bembo family and the hotel on their website.

Owen - Table Piano - 043005-1100a
The rooms were filled with antuques.

Owen Tyler looks a the antique furniture in the room.

Michelle, our hotel manager for most of our stay there, was very helpful.

Would we recommend this hotel? Sure. They have someone on duty at the desk 24-7; the room is comfortable, with a safe and wiring for US appliances in the bathroom; it's a block and a half from the Rialto Bridge; and inspite of the initial stairs to complete it does have an elevator.

Breakfast Room - 043005-1100a
The Breakfast Tables

No, the picture isn't tilted. It's the floor. The floors slope markedly away from the exterior walls. At some point, they will have to support the floors at the center, perhaps at the elevator.
Mornings, these tables are filled with hotel guests. While we were there, we visited with some Americans and a Parisian family who were there for sightseeing. And so were we. Let's go!

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