Canal Della Giudecca

Day 20: Saturday, April 30, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler

I Gesuati Church
Spirito Santo
Santa Maria della Salute Church

This is a landmark to remember. This complex is on the point of land at the east end of Dorsoduro which encloses the west side of the Grand Canal. The distant buildings on the right side of the picture make the east bank of the Grand Canal, and the canal begins there.
Accidental positioning makes the crane appear attached to the lighthouse.

Arguably the most photographed scene in Venice, this is
Piazza San Marco

with its Campanile and Ducal Palazzo.
This is the center of the life of the tourist in Venice. And do we have a lot of pictures of this venue for you. We'll alight from the vaporetto and take some pictures from the ground. At this point we want to introduce the picture collection taken by Gertrude Meyer when they were in Venice on May 9th, 2005. Those pictures will be mingled with ours from this point.

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