Monuments and Other Items

Photos by Gertrude Meyer on May 9th 2005

Colleoni Emortalized in Bronze

Colleoni born in a aristocratic family, began his mercenary career at the age of 19 in Naples, and served the Venice republic for many years. In gratitude for the Republicís goodness to him, he left the sum of 100,000 ducats on the condition that it erected an equestrian monument to him. At the beginning the thought was to put the monument in San Marco square but the Venetian senate decided to put it in the square of the scupla di San Marco. Made by Alessandro Leopardi, the monument was unveiled in 1496.

Left: The city is sinking.

They have pumped water from the strata below for many centuries.
There is little left to support the city from below now.

This water well dates to the 14th century.

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