The Venice Airport

Day 22: Monday, May 2, 2005
Photos by Pat Tyler

Airport Lounge

Well, we're back in the twenty-first century. Airports all look pretty much the same.
Upon our arrival at the airport docks, we were transferred to a shuttle to take us to the terminal. The skycap delivered us and our luggage into the correct queue at the ticket counter for ckeck in and luggage check. We could have never navigated all this on our own.
The taxi is the best way to go.

Reid & Marilyn Harrison
The glass enclosed jet bridges are much nicer than those with opaque walls.

As sometimes happens at airports, we were sent to the wrong gate at first. We soon followed Reid and Marilyn down that escalator to a gate on the ground floor. That meant a bus and stairs into the plane.

We had met Reid and Marilyn a couple of times in Venice, so we shouldn't have been too surprised to see them at the airport. We didn't see our friends the Ed and Ann Peck there, however.

Gates 17 & 18
The saga continues, don't miss our flight over Laguna di Venezia and the Alps.

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