Welcome to Monaco

Day 14: Sunday, April 24, 2005
Views of the Port

Photo by Pat Tyler

Looking Down On Grand Prix Race Course

Photo by Pat Tyler

The Bluff Below The Casino

detail of 1292
Detail from photo above

The green dome near the upper right corner of the picture is the Casino of Monte Carlo. Below that and the right side of the picture is a convention center built on piers at the waters edge. (This is a huge complex.) Coming from the lower left corner of the picture is a road that goes right through the building! There is a souvenir shop with a row of narrow vertical windows near where the road enters the tunnel in the building. (This is where we waited for the bus to take us back to the ship.) There are elevators there that go up a level and conect to a hallway that leads outside and to some more stairs and to a street that leads to the area near the casino.

Notice the tunnel lighting on the level above. This building has two tunnels on two levels! A bus travels from that tunnel to a tunnel through the next building.

They have used some very complicated engineering to find solutions to move people around this very crowded and mountainous terrain.

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