Welcome to Monaco

Day 14: Sunday, April 24, 2005
Cruise Boats At The Quay

Photo by Pat Tyler

Cruise Boat At The Quay

Actually there are two crusie boat tied up there. They are likely the reason we anchored several kilometers down the coast. It appears to be the same yacht tied near the the end of the jetty as was there when Gertrude took her early morning pictures from the Sports Deck of the Rotterdam.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

A Parting Shot

We could look at these spectactular views a lot longer, and there are a lot more pictures, but it's time to move along. Gertrude paused to take this picture of the Rotterdam and the port as they left the palace area and started down the mesa.

Photo by Owen Tyler

Sculpture at Jardins Saint-Martin

These lovers caught the photographer's eye when we stopped at the botanical gardens, across from the cathedral, on the way down to the Oceanographic Museum,
our next meeting place with the group.

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