The Azores

Punta Delgada, São Miguel Island

Day 8: Monday, April 18, 2005
As seen from the windows of a tour bus


It's 8:58 AM and we're in the bus and rolling.

Punta Delgada

The city and surrounding area has a population of about 240,000 inhabitants. The primary occupation of the people of the region is farming. The area was originally settled by Moors fleeing Spain when they were banished by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in the late fifteenth century. Now the population is mostly Portuguese with some Flemish, and almost all are Catholic.

Left: This is just a peek into the main square of the town. Later we will see examples of the typical Portuguese mosaic paving of walk ways and squares.


Public buildings are mostly white trimmed in black basalt stone, and they are distinctive and typical of the island. Below: Tourists enjoy the city square.


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