The Azores

Along the Road to Ribeira Grande, São Miguel Island

Day 8: Monday, April 18, 2005
As seen from the windows of a tour bus

Home of Some Of The Azores Financially Well Off

Here are some of the well-crafted volcanic stone walls that are ubiquitous on the island.

And of Some Seeking Their Fortunes

As we travel, I love to see the houses of the common people. It's the homes of the everyday people that are interesting. The mansions of the super rich are beautiful or gaudy all over the world. The hovels of the destitute are pretty much the same around the world. But none of these are as distinctively regional as those in the middle to tell how the regular people live. So it's the houses of the regular working people that find there way to the pages of Tylers' Travels.

Colorful Fields Along The North Shore

It's 9:20 AM, and we are nearing our first destination of the tour.

The Edge of Ribeira Grande

Maybe Samsung will want to pay extra for the Web publicity provided by this photo ;-)

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