Lisbon, Portugal

Sailing Away

Day 10: Wednesday, April 20, 2005

St. Georges Castle on the Hill


The Amerigo Vespucci
a 3-masted schooner/museum ship

This ship is named for the explorer who was the first to identify North and South America as separate continents from Asia, and for whom these continents were named.
He sailed from Lisbon on these history-making voyages.

And last, but not ... The Aida

She kind of looks like the old Crown Princess.
She belongs to the P & O Princess subsidiary, AIDA

This is all for Portugal. Wish we could have taken a real tour of Lisbon, and there would have been time for a short tour, but Holland America arranges them so that we can only take one tour in a day in port. Tomorrow we dock in Cádiz, Spain. This is the old port that was used by the Spanish to bring the treasure from the new world in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. And it was the departure point for the conquistadors, padre´s, and settlers going to the new world.

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