Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Landmarks

Pictures taken by Gertrude Meyer.

Placa de Toros
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Plaça de Toros

This beautiful building houses a bullring and a museum of the bull fights. Internet research tells us that Bull figting is actually falling into disfavor here, and that they have an architect working on redesigning one of these arenas to house other kinds of events.

gertrude's Barcelona Building pic
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Castel dels Tres Dragons

Parc de la Ciutadella
Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Parc de la Ciutadella
Parc de la Ciutadella

A great place for a stroll away from all the traffic, it's one of the city's most popular parks, located where Felipe V's ciutadella (military citadel) was; a place used to repress Catalan nationalism during his reign. In 1870 the citadel was made into a park to house the 1888 World's Fair. You'll find a small lake in the centre and, beside it, the Cascada, a lovely fountain built by Josep Fontsere and his assistant, Antoni Gaudi. You can visit the city zoo and the Catalan parliament building in here as well. Castel dels Tres Dragons, built as a medieval castle served as a restaurant during the 1888 exhibition, now houses a museum, Museo de Zoologia.

1888 Universal Exhibition, giving a boost to the development of the park. Many buildings were constructed, several of which have survived. The 'Castel dels Tres Dragons' is the most notable of these. It is built as a medieval castle which served as a restaurant during the 1888 exhibition. It is now home to a museum, the Museo de Zoologia.
the Cascada
The Cascada
At the northern corner of the park is the Cascada, a triumphal arch with waterfall and fountain built for the 1888 Universal exhibition. The baroque construction designed by Josep Fontsère, responsible for the conversion of the citadel site into a park, took six years to complete. The design was loosely based on the Trevi Fountain in Rome. The architect was assisted by Antoni Gaudí, at the time still a student.
National Palace Museum
National Palace houses the museum dedicated to Catalonia.

Next, we'll make a vicarious visit the famous Antonio Gaudí-designed cathedral, Sagrada Família.

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