Cádiz, Spain

Departure From Cádiz

Day 11: Thursday, April 21, 2005
4:40 PM


The Athena was in port, but it seemed that some of the passengers stayed aboard to have a dancing party. We could enjoy their music if not the refreshments.

mv Athena

Athena was originally built as a trans-atlantic ocean liner and in 1994 the vessel changed ownership and was virtually stripped to her hull and re-constructed at an amazing cost of $US150 million and restored as a beautiful new premium rated more contemporary cruise ship.

All Aboard!

It's a bit hard to tell it in this picture, but ms Rotterdam is positioned across this little harbor area. That's 90º from where she was tied at the dock.

Turning toward the Sea

They just moved the ship sideways away from the dock, then turned 360º to head out to sea. We've kicked up a bit of mud from the bottom in the turning process — that's the brownish circle in the water in the middle of the picture.

Follow that freighter!
Tug Stands By, But His Assistance is Unneeded.

We enjoyed Jerez, but were disappointed not to see Cadiz — we thought we would. We will pass through the strait of Gibraltar tonight and spend a day at sea tomorrow. We will dock in Barcelona on Saturday.

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