Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, Spain

The Codorníu Vinyards

Day 13: Saturday, April 23, 2005

It is still early spring.
The vines are just coming out of their winter's nap.
Yes, I know.
I shouldn't have framed this with the cypress in the middle.

Actually, I didn't even notice it until now. But otherwise, I like the picture.

There's an interesting story here: The Codorníu brothers had a disagreement, so they split their land. The vines and buildings in the background belong to one of the brothers who built a very modern wine-making facility. The other brother kept the generations-old facility. That is the one we will see in a moment.

Here are the gates.

Our guide chats with an employee.

I believe they're deciding whether to let us in now or make us wait.
It's only 8:40 AM, so we are quite early. They probably don't open until nine.

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