Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, Spain

The Codorníu Winery Tour and Tasting

Day 13: Saturday, April 23, 2005

This Way Down

We take these narrow, winding staris down to the lower levels of the wine cellars. We went down about four levels from the second basement pictured on the previous page some of our group descending the stairs.

Below Right: Here is a stack of bottles waiting out the aging process deep in one of the cellars. They are rotated and given a different tilt periodically to keep the process working correctly. Below Left: This is the same window that was displayed on page 4 of this section. Can you see the inspiration for the design?

These Walls Give New Meaning to the Old Familiar Song
99 Bottles ...
Only, this isn't beer.

Left: Barely visible is the little train we rode while they gave us the tour of the cellars.
I wish I could have gotten a good picture of that little train. We went whizzing through the corridors of wine bottles and around the corners like a flash!
Right: Here are some of the rotating racks for the wine bottles.

The Wine Tasting Featured Good Tasting Wine.

They served us some of their cava brut wine. Cava is the Spanish version of Champaign, which the exclusive name for French sparkling wine. Brut is a very dry wine (from anywhere).
We brought the glasses home for souvineers too!

Abigale Sinko, Tracy Meyer, and David Sinko give us a toast.

Next, we will visit the incredible mountain and monastery, Montserrat (serrated mountain).
Please stay with us on this visit. Just click a picture and you'll come right along.

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