Jerez, Spain

Andalusian Horse Show Grounds

Day 11: Thursday, April 21, 2005
9:47 AM

Parking Lot on the Show Grounds

Real Escuela Andaluza
Del Arte Ecuestre

Royal Andalusian School Of Equestrian Art
This is the world-famous Spanish Riding School
Horsemanship is still a big deal in Spain.
Once trained here, a man will always have a job.

Andalusian Horse

This picture was a part of the ticked shown below. That's as close as we could get to a picture of these magnificent horses. They wouldn't allow any pictures to be taken in the arena, supposedly so they can sell their own pictures. But we were never told where to buy them or when we could do so. They had a rather long intermission, but we didn't know how long it was going to be, so kept our seats.

Silvio, Our Tour Guide

Above: Here's the ticket one of us used to get into the show. The 15€ price is about $20. The show is over. It was wonderful, and worth the time.

Fountain On The Show Grounds

We will now load up and head back to Cádiz. We have some pictures taken on the road.

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