Montserrat, Spain

The Monastery

Day 13: Saturday, April 23, 2005
These pictures were not taken from the tour bus.

Bas-Relief Sculpture Over Entry To Basilica Courtyard.

This is the way in.


Or out if you prefer.

The Courtyard

Inside the Basilica

The famous Black Madona Wood Carving is housed in the niche
above the lights over the altar. People were queued up all the way up the stairs, through the side of the church, and into the courtyard to go up and get a close look at the sculpture. We opted to admire from a distance. While in the church we had the opportunity to hear the boys choir that trains at the monastery. They sing like angels! This group is thought to be the oldest group of its kind in Europe,
and the monastery the oldest music school in the world.

Sorry about the wiggles, but without a tripod ...

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