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Photo by Owen Tyler

Model of St. John's Basilica

Two important figures in the Christian religion, St. Paul and St. John, lived in Ephesus. St. Paul spent about five or six years trying to preach and proclaim his new religion in his workshop in Ephesus. St. John spent the last years of his century-long life here. He wrote part of the new testament and also died here.

According to the story, on the cross, Jesus addressed St. John, and said, "She is your mother, John." And to His mother He said, "This is your son mother." Thereupon the disiple of Christ gladly undertook the responsibility to the end. When the brother of St. John and the son of Jesus' uncle were murdered, St. John realized that he could no longer live in Jerusalem. It is believed that St. Mary accompanied St. John to Ephesus, and that she lived on Panaya-Kapulu a mountain near the city of Ephesus.

His tomb is on Ayasuluk hill. The church constructed by Emperor Justinian over this grave in the first half of the 6th century A.D. was one of the magnificent monuments of the Middle Ages.

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