Anchorage Museum

August 29, 1999

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This is probably the best picture of a moose that I'll ever get.
Owen and the Rafting Adventure people saw a moose right next to
the road near the turnoff to go to the cabins, but I didn't.

This museum has a lot of very interesting exhibits. In addition
to the animals, they have some very good anthropology
exhibits on the native culture. Too bad that lighting was such, that
pictures were impossible. If you're in Anchorage, do stop by the museum.


Ptarmigan are the Alaska
state birds. There are
a lot of them in Denali,
but they were usually too
close to the bus to capture
while on the move.


These are strange little sea birds that live on the rocks.
They dive and swim underwater seeking food.

musk ox

Owen won't touch this musk ox, it just looks as if he might.

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