August 29, 1999

Inlet Tower Suites Lobby

Our luggage is stacked by the pillar while we wait in the
miniscule lobby of the Inlet Tower Suites Hotel. No kidding,
the brass railing on the right is a hand rail for a stairway
that bisects the lobby! To get to and from the two elevators
one must drag their luggage up and down these and the stairs
outside the portico.

As this page is being composed 1:53 PM, Alaska Standard Time (AST),
November 8, 1999, it is 25ºF. With a windchill of 19º.
Sunrise was at 8:44 AM and Sunset will be 4:43 PM.

Anyway, we'll soon be on our way to Seward, down the same highway
we traveled the first day when we went to Homer. Our next photos
will be from the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward.

For more pictures of Anchorage and other Alaskan scenes check these pages. Here a link to some travel facts about Anchorage.

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