Denali National Park

August 27, 1999

Denali — The Great One!

Mt. McKinley
Mt. McKinley

This is the spectactular sight we all have come to see!

Unfortunately only a few are blessed with the clear skies
necessary to see this majestic beauty. We were not among the
blessed few. This photo comes from a book we bought in the
gift shop at the Denali Lodge in the park.

Nenana River

We'd read about the river
rafting that was available
in Denali N. P. when planning
our trip. We arrived just in
time for the Raft Adventure
people to make one more trip.

Our "Rafting Adventure" was
somewhere between a float trip
and white water. We definitely
went through some white water
and dodged rocks in the river.
And it was more of an adventure
than a leisurely float down the
river. It was great fun, however
it is classified.

A word to the cheechaco:
Bring heavy wool socks — many!
Rivers are glacier fed, and the
water is frigid!

Advice was to leave cameras
behind. A splash of silt would
ruin them.

The Raft Adventure people provide insulated jump suits to help keep you afloat in case you might fall overboard. But the rubber boots are not insulated, and our feet were so cold that it prevented full enjoyment of the adventure.

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