Denali National Park

August 27, 1999

Denali Sled Dogs


There's time for play too.
Denali Sled Dogs
The Demonstration

The Sled Dog Demonstration is put on by the park rangers, and is a free
program for all who wish go see it. The U.S. Park Service runs free shuttles
all around the area to move people where they need to be. We loaded all of
our carry-on luggage, coats, and totes onto the shuttle bus and went to the
Sled Dog Demonstration.

Rangers patrol the park year-around. In the winter they use the sled dogs.
these dogs love to pull the sleds. In the summer, when it's showtime they
all vie for positions in the demonstration team.
The rangers say that mixed-breed dogs make the best working sled dogs.
The mixed-breed dogs usually have a more even temperament and learn quickly.

Sled dogs to the harness

We had heard that in order for them to be working dogs and obey the
commands, the dogs could not receive any affection or special attention.
The rangers didn't follow those rules at all. They praised and petted
the dogs enthusiastically.

Sled dogs in action

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