August 28, 1999

Cruisin' down the river...

Susan Butcher

After gliding past some beautiful homes nestled along the river bank,
we arrived at the home of red-jacketed Susan Butcher, four-time
winner of the 1,100-mile Iditarod Dog Sled Race, Anchorage to Nome.

In the background is a yard with the dog houses. In the far-right
is the exercise area. It is composed of a horizontal wheel with dog
houses mounted on the spokes. The dogs are hitched to the spokes
and run round and round. If they get tired, they need only jump
up on the platform holding the dog house and take a rest.


Right on cue, the raindeer rushed out of their pen to greet us
as the boat approached their home.

eagle in tree

As if on cue — I don't know how they'd arrange it — an eagle
flew into our view and landed in the tree top. He stayed long enough
for Pat to snap a couple of pictures. Our narrator said it was rare
to see bald eagles in the Fairbanks area.

eagle in tree

The glacial origins of the Chena River are evident in this photo.

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