August 28, 1999

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Pipeline brochure
Awesome Technology!

We've all heard the Alaska Pipeline story, but have we?
We live in the oil patch, so we thought we had some concept of
what the pipeline was about. We've heard about the carabou bridges
and thought it neat, odd, or overkill, depending on environmental
attitudes. But until we heard the story from our guide on the site,
we had no concept of the problems that had to be solved in order for
it to be built.

Cooling tower

The ribs at the top of
the pipes are heat
exchangers that vent
the heat generated in
the pipeline to keep
the permafrost from

The pipeline had to
be built so that it
was flexible enough
to move with the frequent
earthquakes experienced
in Alaska.

group @ pipeline
The Travel Company Tour in Fairbanks

From left: Bill & Tatiana Tresca, Our guide Stan, Pat & Owen Tyler

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