Glacier Bay National Park

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Margerie Glacier
Margerie Glacier

We have sailed up Tarr
Inlet most of the day
to get to
Margerie Glacier.

By the time we get
close, most of the
clouds have burned off.

Our captain, Cesare Ditel,
pulls in close.

We're standing on the
front of Baja Deck,
just a little way
down the hall from
our cabin.

Margerie Glacier

In the picture above, it's fairly easy to see that more than one glacier is involved here. How do we see that? One glacier is composed of very dirty ice. Another glacier of relatively clean ice rides over the side of the dirty glacier. Actually, looking at the detailed park map, you can see that there are four glaciers that combine to make up what we see and identify as Margerie. Starting way back in the ice field Melburn Glacier works its way southeast. Then Melburn converges with Grand Pacific Glacier. Further to the southeast, Ferris Glacier joins in and then Margerie comes in from the southwest just as the whole thing meets Tarr Inlet.

Margerie Glacier

Those who have followed along since the beginning of this photo tour, have been admonished to bring wool socks. To that, we'll add the advice to bring warm gloves if you're going to be around the glaciers. Bring them even if you think you're not—they don't take a lot of space. It's COLD near these glaciers. This is supercold ice and it penetrates most clothing.

Owen shoots Margerie Glacier
Margerie Glacier

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