Glacier Bay National Park

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Johns Hopkins Glacier

Margerie Glacier

It's so cold near the glaciers that no timber grows at all. Almost no vegetation can survice here. We're in the Johns Hopkins Inlet, and the glacier of the same name is at its end.

Our ship was the first ship of the season to be allowed into Johns Hopkins Inlet. Annually they close the inlet to allow the seals to raise their pups undisturbed by the big ships.

At first, it seemed as if the seals had vacated the inlet in favor of more private surroundings. But after a while we could see that the iceberbs near the glacier were covered with the little creatures.

Margerie Glacier

Although the sun shines on Johns Hopkins, it is so cold that our hands nearly froze, inspite of the lined-leather gloves. Here, fur-lined gloves would be an advantage. Johns Hopkins area was much colder than that near Margerie.

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