Glacier Bay National Park

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Glacial Weather

Cold and cloudy
at sea-level, the
air progressively
gets clearer and
sunnier as the
altitude increases.


This delightful couple
toasted their marriage
while gazing at the
wonders of Johns
Hopkins Glacier.

We leave Glacier Bay

The greater the distance from the glaciers, the cloudier it got.

It was evening by the time the park rangers disembarked near the Visitor Center. Heavy fog set in. While we navigated Icy Strait, Sun Princess began blasting her fog horn every few minutes. It seemed eerie. We figured the fog horn wasn't for our shadow ship, Holand America's Veendam, because they undoubtedly kept in close contact by radar and radio. Soon along came a small sail boat headed into Glacier Bay. They would have to spend the night there. BRRRR!

Leaving Glacier Bay

Next will be our first port-o-call, Skagway. We have reserved space on a shore excursion that will take us over White Pass to the Yukon Territory and Bennet Lake. The route will closely follow the trail used by the gold rush stampeders a hundred years ago. We'll return on the White Pass Narrow Gauge Railroad.

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