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Homer, Alaska

Sunday, August 22, 1999

The Homer welcome sign

At last, we've arrived!

This million-dollar view cames as a surprise after miles of forest. Notice the glaciers in the Kenai Mountain across Kachemak Bay. This unique little town at the end of the Sterling Highway has many things to interest the visitor. In addition to being the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World," they support an active artist colony. And, in our case, it was the place to take a floatplane to see the brown bears of Katmai National Park.

Bob & Gail Ammerman

Our inkeepers, have made their home very comfortable for guests who come there from all over the world. Bob is a retired shop teacher with the Homer public schools. The results of his handy work is very visible about the property.

The Ammermans

Halcyon Heights B&B
Halcyon Heights Bed & Breakfast

We felt lucky to find this place and space available on the two days we needed to stay there. If we ever go back to Homer, this is where we'd most like to stay.
For more information check out their web site.

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