Our Bear Watching Adventure Begins!

August 23, 1999

We are about to embark on the 150 mile flight to Katmai National Park. We have made arrangements for the flight with Bald Mountain Air Service, a company recommended by local inn keepers. We made the reservation about 10 weeks in advance. It's only luck if you can find space on a flight after you get to Homer. Check out their website for photos and information about bear watching.

While waiting to load the planes, a plane takes off on Beluga Lake, the Homer floatplane airport. And Owen models his 'politically-correct,' layered bear-watching attire. This is a rainsuit, fleece, and a shirt of his choice. Underware was as usual. Two pair of regular socks weren't enough to keep the feet warm in those uninsulated rubber boots. We recommend two or three pairs of wool ski socks. Or, one creative individual in our group brought along plastic bags to go over the socks. That seemed to help with the insulation.

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