Katmai National Park

Monday, August 23, 1999

Cloud shrouded mountains

Cloud shrouded mountains border our destination bay.
The clouds threaten most of the day.

Coastal's cruiser & Bald Mountain's planes

Support in the wilderness.

When you're out in the wilderness like this, you need some kind of support. Coastal Outfitters * provided that. They sent a launch to the plane so that we wouldn't have to wade to shore. The water was probably too deep in most places for that. The launch took us to the cabin cruiser where we ate our brown-bag lunches and had a potty break. We then left all remainders from the lunches in the cruiser, and the launch took us to shore on the bank of two small rivers. Later when we got ready to leave, we again visited the cruiser and then took all our trash with us.

* If these pictures are interesting to you, you might want to check out Coastal's web site. They've been with the bears a lot, and have some great pictures, as does The Bald Mountain Air Service web site.

Looking over the pilot's shoulder

Bear Watchers

All the observers are firmly seated on the ground.
That's so none would be taller than any bear and thus be intimidating to them. There were eighteen of us, including two very experienced pilots. We flew in a six-passenger plane, and the others flew in a ten-passenger plane.

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